The Sun is rocking in your 5th House of Self-Expression until September 22, which can trigger creative ideas that benefit your professional life. It might, in fact, motivate you to take a calculated risk in your current place of employment or propel you to strike out on your own.

The Sun's shift into accommodating Libra on September 22 occurs in your 6th House of Methods, which is an ideal time to take the fresh concept that's been lighting you up and putting it into effect. People skills can be critical with this transit, since the cooperation and support of colleagues and other business associates is essential. Keep your mind open and be ready to compromise, if necessary, to maintain harmony and stay on track.

Still, the kinds of partners and customers you attract could make it difficult to meet them halfway as of September 14. That's when aggressive Mars enters feisty Scorpio and your 7th House of Partnerships. This can give you a boost from a strong-willed ally, but you better be strong to survive this kind of association. If the two of you share a passion for a project, you could become unstoppable. However, this transit can also attract demanding individuals who push your buttons. Fighting for what you want could become a necessity, and it's certainly better to battle to advance your career than to bog down in a dispute to simply hold on to what you have. Be clever about who you align yourself with to avoid the stress of working with disloyal teammates.


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