You could get into a deep relationship groove this month and go further in a long-term partnership or in attracting interesting new people. The story starts with the Virgo Sun in your 5th House of Romance until September 22. This transit encourages you to polish your act and become more skillful in the seductive arts. You may have to work hard, or at least pay careful attention, to get what you want, but there's a strong likelihood that it will be worth the effort.

Astrology's lovers are Venus and Mars, the planets of attraction and action. September begins with both of them in your 6th House of Service, which is more about work than play. However, Venus, the ruler of your sign, enters simmering Scorpio and your 7th House of Relationships on September 8, which is likely to make you highly desirable. Attracting intense individuals or feeling the heat from a current partner will test your willingness to descend into the deep emotions that make for true intimacy.

Then, on September 14, muscular Mars enters Scorpio to intensify your alliances. There's little room for mixed feelings with these planets in such a profoundly passionate sign. Half measures aren't going to satisfy people who want access to the very depth of your being. If you're willing to push past your comfort zone to explore these mysterious regions, expect plenty of action. If, on the other hand, you prefer to avoid the complexities of desire, jealousy and sharing your secrets, you'll miss out on this month's richest rewards.


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