This month can be especially important to your career for several reasons. First, the Sun is in your sign until September 22, a period when you are ready for a fresh start. This could provide you with additional motivation to advance your interests. You're much less likely to settle for the old routine when the Sun is in your 1st House of Personality. This pushes you to take calculated risks in your current position, to seek a new job or even a totally different line of work.

The other key astrological ingredient in this month's professional stew is the retrograde motion of your intellectual ruling planet Mercury. It turned backwards late last month in your sign and will shift back into forward motion there on September 12. The Mercury Retrograde period is often one when details need to be managed more carefully than ever. Failure to double-check important ones often leads to confusion during this critical cycle. Messages are muddled more often, so be sure the information you share has been received and understood. On the plus side, Mercury retrograde gives you a second chance to complete unfinished tasks, refine systems and reconnect with people from the past.

You are likely to become a more powerful communicator as of September 14 when aggressive Mars moves into your 3rd House of Information. This starts a seven-week period when your words weigh more heavily, enabling you to motivate others. Just don't waste your breath on petty disputes when you've got the force to apply your intellect in more effective ways.


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