The Sun in your sign until September 22 is usually a boost to your personal life. Increased confidence comes from investing in self-improvement, which you do so well. Even though others may not immediately notice these improvements, you'll be able to demonstrate your desirability as a partner more easily as of September 8. That's when alluring Venus enters steamy Scorpio and your 3rd House of Communication. It won't take more than one smoldering look to let someone know what you want and entice him or her to give it to you. The words you say, though, aren't as important as your tone of voice, because you are seducing ears more than minds.

Besides, your brainy ruling planet Mercury begins the month moving backwards, which is better for insights than explanations. There's a great deal you're discovering about yourself that doesn't need to be described to others. Try communicating feelings without concerning yourself too much with facts.

Another push in the right relationship direction comes from initiating Mars' entry into Scorpio on September 14. This is another signal that you can pass powerful messages to excite your current partner or attract a new one without going into details. You're not supposed to be silent, but saying less will probably make you more interesting.

On September 18 expansive Jupiter and radical Uranus join in your 7th House of Partnership, which can shake up a current alliance up to a week or so before and after this date. Yet instead of passively being surprised by someone else, why not be the one to make an unexpected move?


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