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Confidence receives a boost from the universe today. Mental clarity is strengthened and your ability to make plans and implement new projects is enhanced. Lucky trends also exist, so don’t hesitate to enter a competition, buy a lottery ticket, or ask for special favors. Incentive for success is high as tonight’s New Moon culminates in Pisces, your solar house of personal finances and possessions. You should have sufficient money or the opportunity to generate extra wealth over the next few weeks. If fiscal management has been poor in the past, now is the time to reevaluate your priorities and make the necessary adjustments.


The cosmos swings into high gear, making this another day of high activity and excitement. Your mind and physical energy should be in great shape, which can increase the tendency to take on more than you should. Knowing what you are letting yourself in for before assuming too much responsibility will reduce the chance of not fulfilling a promise. Before assuming an obligation that could prove tricky, let other people know in advance of any uncertainties so you are not left trying to meet an impossible deadline. With your genuine concern for the welfare of others, make a donation to your favorite charity if you don’t have time to volunteer your services.


Low-key activities are recommended this morning until helpful planetary trends take over after lunch. Someone’s disproval could increase your stress level, especially if you are seeking agreement to ensure that you are on the right track. With the Moon now in your own sign,Aquarius charm and charisma should be on display. This is an ideal time to invite friends over for a meal or a good laugh about past or present actions. If venturing out to socialize, once again the desire to overindulge in the goodies of life needs to be contained.


If you are on the job, keep a low profile and work behind the scenes on career or business plans. Put all of life’s many demands in perspective. This is another day when you need to understand that at times you must recharge rundown batteries. An unexpected development could require a quick change of plans. A friend could experience money problems, but be careful not to become too involved. Although this person might only be asking for advice and not a loan, extend sympathy but don’t provide financial advice unless qualified to do so. Keep your plans simple tonight. It may be late evening before you have an urge to socialize and mingle with other people.


Although as an Aquarius you are a social sign, there are many times when you prefer to hide out of sight from the world at large. Other people are probably used to you going off by yourself for periods of inner growth, research, or just to think. This urge increases whenever the Moon rolls through your solitary twelfth house of Capricorn, as it does today. Avoid excessive physical strain because your energy could be below par, making you more likely to catch a minor infection or a cold. Something hidden, confidential, or pushed out of the way could require urgent action, whether you like it or not. Hiding away with a special person could be the highlight of the day.


Ideally you should continue to concentrate on ways to make your future dreams and goals come true. Today you may be content to escape from reality and invest in some soul searching. Even if you are busy, give yourself time and space to retreat for a short period to help revitalize your energy and clear your mind. The Sun is now residing in the sign of Pisces, which will heighten your ambitions and the urge to generate more income. Your self-worth could receive a boost, possibly due to a wage increase or a promotion.This is also a great day to analyze ways to reduce household expenditures.


Good fortune and vigorous social and romantic influences make this an action-packed day. However, there is also a tendency to be overanxious or inclined to brood more than usual. If you can overcome this tendency, a great day looms on the horizon. Otherwise a minor health issue could dominate your thoughts. A lottery ticket or a small flutter at the racetrack may give you even more reason to smile. Hold down spending on superfluous items. If considering buying a large-ticket item such as a new computer, car, or electronic system, find out about all the many styles and designs that suit your budget.


Venus and Jupiter, the two cosmic energies associated with the good life, are conspiring together today. So the urge to overdo and overindulge increases. There is no need to deprive yourself, but it is time to be sensible and moderate so that you don’t have regrets later. A happy romantic surprise could have put you on cloud nine. If you are part of a loving couple, take the time to celebrate your relationship and further cement those bonds. Currently single Aquarius should be in luck. You may discover someone who makes your heart beat faster. If so, let this person know that they have captured your attention, but don’t come on so strong that you risk scaring them off.


Although your business and career skills might not be as sharp as usual, good vibes prevail. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek answers in order to gain more knowledge and act in the best possible manner. Affectionate Venus is making positive vibes to Mars and Jupiter over the next few days, increasing loving feelings for Aquarius folks of all ages. Focusing on your dreams can increase your chances of manifesting deepest desires and wishes. Reading, writing, and expressing your views come to the fore. Students, or those with a special assignment to complete, should find such tasks become easier.


Romance could play second fiddle to other activities today.Although generally your mind will be active, quick, and impulsive, emotionally your thoughts may be clouded by a lack of clear vision. This isn’t the day to make any decisions regarding your love life because friction between Venus and Neptune is causing lack of clarity and poor judgment. Also beware making rash moves with financial matters. Even if you have a strong desire for retail therapy, steer clear of high-class shopping malls and leave credit cards at home. Social activities could squeeze the household budget or bank account to the limit unless you take a moderate approach.


Life remains steady and on track. If you haven’t finalized plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day, make arrangements as early as possible. Or you may prefer to entertain your mate or partner at home, preparing a feast that will tantalize the taste buds and set the scene for a romantic evening. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, zooms into your sign of Aquarius, joining the Sun and Neptune there for a three-week stay. At this time of the year the focus should be on making personal plans and plotting future aims. Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.


Don’t be concerned about negative connotations of today’s date. There aren’t many unpleasant cosmic trends in force. A new endeavor could take you on an adventure, which is exactly what you may desire. Performing the same tasks on a daily basis can be tedious as well as reducing motivation. If you have been working harder than ever, schedule some time off so that you can chill out at home or enjoy a cozy weekend retreat for two, moving closer to that special person. Those who covet the good life need to take care this evening because social expenses could quickly spiral out of control.


Pisces 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Pisces is the twelfth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Pisces have the following characteristics:
Piscean sins may include:
As the twelfth and final sign of the occidental zodiac, Pisceans make comfortable followers. Pisces people don’t find their direction easily. They are not self-propelled and they feel a certain distance from the rest of the human race.

When things don’t go their way, Pisceans may surrender to self-pity. Pisces is the soul of sensitivity. Nothing escapes his notice. The faint rustle of a falling leaf that kisses the earth sounds, to a Pisces, like a huge truck smashing into a brick wall. Baby’s whimpering in his crib is, to a hyper-susceptible Pisces, the wail of a thousand hungry infants. Pisces is born this way. Overly, tenderly, pricklingly, unrestrainedly sensitive. Pisceans tend toward all that is beautiful, gravitate to loveliness and crave the artistic. Pisceans are the sleepy, languorous, irresistible creators of whom we frequently don’t hear a syllable. Not power hungry, Pisceans are mostly humble and modest about achievements. They are not interested in fame. If fortune comes their way, they’ll accept it. But Pisceans usually don’t go after glory.

Pisceans are very proud people. They are not cocky, nor do they go around boasting of their conquests and masterpieces. Pisceans are easygoing and seem to be made of butter. Ask them to move an inch left because they’re blocking your view. Without a word, Pisces shifts to the left. Suggest a new way of eating snails with a shovel.

Pisces is right up there in the front of the queue, raring to please and adjust to whatever is required. But dare to challenge Pisces’s deepest beliefs, disagree with his sense of taste or the spiritual tenet by which he lives, and the fish may well turn into a shark before your rapidly blinking peepers. Pisceans have profound personal integrity.

It’s not uncommon for Pisceans to suffer. First, they are easily hurt. Secondly, they are afflicted with overwhelming self-doubt. Worldly accomplishment is beyond Pisces because it requires a firm connection to hard reality, which Pisces would rather avoid. Tough and ruthless competitors disguised as friendly warmhearted colleagues or companions may hoodwink the earnest Piscean and leave him beside himself in a heap of disappointment and bafflement He doesn’t handle tactics or strategics well.

He wants to remain aloof so he can dream and imagine and let his mind wander. You can be sure to find Pisceans wherever the water is. Pisceans love the soothing silence of water and will go to great lengths to plunge themselves into anything from a stream to an ocean, a bathtub or a Jacuzzi.

Pisceans take all emotional involvement seriously. Whether it’s a love affair or a friendship, a child-parent relationship or some other family tie, you can be sure Pisces will nurture the link. The Pisces person loves unconditionally will alter viewpoints or swim willingly in the opposite direction just to please a loved one.

If you are enamored of a Pisces, grab your snorkel and flippers and paddle after your fish to the ends of the sea.


Aquarius 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the occidental zodiac.
Aquarius have the following characteristics:
Aquarius sins may include:
A tendency to human love and understanding is decidedly Aquarian. Aquarians are people who care about the sorrows and poverty of others. Aquarians are Samaritans who lie awake nights worrying about starvation and drought. Aquarians wish they might do something about the miseries of their fellow men. Aquarians care. As Aquarians dream of reaching out to help and are thus crusaders for the good of mankind, they don’t always have a tremendous amount of time to spend at home.

Aquarians are worldly and other-oriented. Sometimes, their families come last. In their zeal to save the world Aquarians often forget to buy the dog food.

Aquarians are cool customers. Before committing any act or making any major decision, Aquarians think things through. They prefer peace to conflict. It’s not that they don’t have strong opinions or shrink before confrontation. It’s just that Aquarians like to remain detached and aloof from banalities. For that reason, they prefer not to get involved in terrestrial “nonsense” such as petty arguments or domestic tumult.

Aquarians need no one. You will often find them living alone or as an aloof partner in marriages where their mate travels a lot. It is easy for Aquarians to have a few parallel lives, as they never let one hand know what the other is doing. They are pleasant people and usually very honest—in their own way. They can, however, be considered selfish, as they like to behave according to their personal style. They don’t enjoy being told what to do. Aquarians are not dictatorial. But they like power. Yet they won’t use force to achieve their goals. Aquarians are clever and elusive characters to whom stratagem is second nature.

They surround themselves with friends and are usually liked by all. But, in a strange way, Aquarians are not really connected to terrestrial matters. They tend to hover about three feet over their own heads all the time and seem to be observing life from a silent helicopter position. It is said that Aquarius is the sign of madness or great power. More United States presidents were born in Aquarius than in any other sign.

You can be the intimate friend of an Aquarian and expect to see him once a year. Aquarius won’t require too much of their mates. Aquarians are really very eccentric. If you love an Aquarian, don’t hang on him or her. Don’t pry into her private life, and above all, when your Aquarian shows up after a two-month absence from your life, don’t ask questions. Just “Hello. How are you?” Aquarians detest rendering accounts.


Capricorn 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Capricorn have the following characteristics:
Capricorn sins are:
The animal symbol applied to Capricorn is the goat. Unlike the dependent, creative and countrified Goat in the Chinese horoscope, the Capricornian mountain goat is a striver and a loner, an ambitious, deliberate achiever and an adorable person to know.

It’s true that Capricorns can be bossy and self-confident in the extreme. But probe a stiff-upper-lipped Capricorn and you’ll find there lives under all that tension and apparent angularity a sentimental and warm-hearted darling.

The way to handle Capricorns is to show them from the beginning that you are as strong and self-willed as they are. And should you not feel sufficiently strong and self-willed, you’d better pick on someone your own size. Capricorns prefer competition. The Capricorn subject is always either on top of the heap or moving— slowly but certainly—toward the summit of his field. Like tall evergreens, they withstand the snows and heat, the wind and rain. Capricorns are winter people. They can hold their heads higher longer than all the others and somehow never appear to be pushing.

In general the Capricorn subject is as rigid in his body as in his high-minded principles. He may be good at games that demand corporal discipline, but in areas that call for supple smooth body movement, Capricorns are challenged. Capricorn children fall a lot. Capricorn adults are clumsy. You want to warn them, “Be careful. Watch where you’re going. Take smaller steps. Slow down. Relax.” It is of course impossible for Capricorn to relax. He is always on the qui vive, responsive to each new invitation to achieve.

The Capricorn loves to entertain and adores food. He receives guests with a spirit of generosity in both the welcome he offers and the fare he prepares. Often, Capricorns make fantastic chefs and know how to cook the most complicated foods. Partly, this devotion to fine cuisine comes from the Capricorn’s desire to please. But mostly the attention to food native to every Capricorn soul arises from pure joy in eating.

Capricorn babies rarely have feeding problems. They chow down with gusto just about anything put within their reach. Success often comes to Capricorn because he was paying attention while everyone else was goofing off. But if, God forbid, he misses the boat —was not even goofing off and still fails—then the ordinarily well-arranged marbles inside the pretty Capricorn head begin to shift dangerously, and melancholy sets in. Capricorns hate failure.

Capricorns are very conscious of the impression they make on others. They are allergic to vulgarity and bad manners. Society judges. Others of us may say, “What do I care for society? I am a free agent.” Not your social-conscious Capricorn. If only for the sake of the gallery’s approbation, Capricorn will conform.

You can always count on Capricorns to come through in times of trouble or need. They are charitable to others and eager to assist those in difficulty or illness. Sometimes they are hard to reach emotionally and seem rather “pent-up” and stiff inside. But if you can break the hermetic barrier, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Physical contact can be a bit on the bony side at first but the Capricorn’s enthusiasm soon takes the edge off.


Sagittarius 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Sagittarius have the following characteristics:
Sagittarius sins may include:
The first thing I notice as I glance down my list of Sagittarians is that they all have an amazing ability to care for others. I’ve been to about a hundred doctors in my frail little life and about fifty of them have been Sagittarians! These people just love being helpful.

Many Sagittarians are bachelors. I know quite a number of Sagittarian subjects who never got married or else got married once and after three days ran off and never tried it again. The Sagittarian is an independent human being who seeks adventure even in the banal. Seeing the same face every day in the same surroundings doing and saying the same things is not the Sagittarian’s idea of paradise. Rather, he or she could be content with a roof, a dog, plenty to eat (but nothing too exorbitantly expensive), a good position in the world and lots of dear friends around him to accept all his moral and material handouts.

Sagittarians are often planning or returning from a trip. They are drawn to travel and motion, always seeking to grow their knowledge of unusual cultures and exciting new places. Those group holidays where people tap on rocks in the Sahara or clamber over miles of rugged terrain to locate a lost shrine are loaded with curious Sagittarians.

As a result, Sagittarians prosper in jobs that permit mobility and allow them to meet new people. They function best in relationships which leave them lots of leeway to come and go as they please. They are happiest when learning and growing and are repelled by sameness and routine.

Sagittarian women are particularly success-oriented. They like to run things, their way, and are not usually squeamish about how many dead bodies they have lo walk over in the process.

Need some advice on a dicey sublet or a special color of typewriter ribbon made only in the Philippines? Ask a Sagittarian. They will bounce right out and find you exactly what you want. Then, proudly and with almost childlike enthusiasm, old Sag will ring you up to ask, “How many of those ochre typewriter ribbons did you want?” You ask for it. He’s got it. Sagittarius notices everything, pays close attention to details and remembers everybody's birthday. If not by heart, then jotted down in a little date book specially kept for this purpose.

My Sagittarius sister-in-law, Nicole, not only remembers everybody’s birthday, but she knows how many times you have bought this certain kind of perfume since last June and whether or not you are the kind of person who likes Breton oysters. It’s not that Nicole’s memory is so fantastic, although she’s very clever. It’s that she really, really cares. “Oh...” she’ll say after I haven't seen her for ten months and she visits me in Paris. “You cut your hair and had it pushed back over the ears. You lost a pound and you moved the couch. I think you look terrific. How did you ever get that makeup to be so smooth?” When Sagittarius women love somebody, they are not afraid to show it.

Sometimes, because they are very direct, Sagittarians tend to blurt out remarks that might have been better left unsaid. “You had your eyes done!” cried a Sagittarian friend when I met him at Orly Airport. I nearly fainted. Worse, I hadn’t had my eyes done at all. He was so embarrassed, poor thing. He meant well. He meant to say, “You look terrific,” the way my discreet sister-in-law has learned to. But instead, he mentioned my eyes, which 1 always think have giant bags under them and are better not discussed.

Even so, Sagittarian people have an outstanding ability to cheer one up. If I am ever sad or feeling sorry for myself, I call up my Sagittarian friends. They love to chat and will always have a funny story to tell, a nice cup of hot tea prepared for you or a bottle of your favorite rosé on ice. You can tell your Sagittarian friend anything you are feeling and he won’t be shocked. The Sagittarian is the soul of comprehension and exudes good will. Find yourself one for a friend. You won’t regret it.


Scorpio 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Scorpio is the eighth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Scorpio have the following characteristics:
Scorpio sins may include:
Just yesterday, for the first time in my life, I saw a real live scorpion. It was smallish, about as long as half of your pinkie. The beast was blackish blown and cowering in the corner of a friend’s tennis court changing room. The au pair girl stood nearby with a large broomstick and fire in her eyes, How long the scorpion would have gone on cringing I will never know. Hermione, the girl in question, squashed it dead. It did not have time to sting itself. I had always imagined a scorpion as a sort of giant crablike combination lizard/hippopotamus/lobster snorting flames from a poisonous tail ready to strike at all times. The poor insignificant creature so readily squashed with a broom handle made me feel sorry for it, although I’m certain that had I found this same creepy-crawly in my bed or shoe, my heart would not have gone out to it.

The point here is that Scorpio people bear a very close resemblance to the scorpion in this story. At first they seem all shiny and cute and not too significant. They give the impression you could do them in with a toothpick. They are sensitive, retiring, reserved and mysterious. If you see Scorpios at a party or in public, you may hardly notice them at first. They don’t appear to pose a threat. But find a Scorpio in your bed, and right away you’ll start to notice how dangerous they can be.

It is said Scorpios are self-destructive, I don’t know many completely self-destructive Scorpios. In fact, with the exception of my cousin Phyllis, who is addicted to chocolate bars and hates real food (or all kinds of complex psychological reasons I won’t bore you with), and my old friend Gladys, who drinks rather more than she should, I only know positive, go-ahead Scorpios, And even my two “self-destructors” are busy bees, always doing things and making things happen around them.

One of my Scorpio friends is a famous food person in the United States. She’s made a million dollars a minute since she started a business a few years ago. She’s unbeatable. Another one is a lawyer. Every time I hear from him, he’s had another promotion. My brother John’s a Scorpio and practically owns the world. I know sculptors and photographers and chefs who are Scorpios. They are all in positions of authority and know how to take (and keep) responsibility.

The reason I defend Scorpios so heartily is that I am one. From the moment I knew I was Scorpio (about twenty-five years ago) I’ve heard people say awful things about my sign. Some say we are cruel. Some claim we are dictators. Others tell us we’re vengeful and attack only the weakest spot in others. In fact, it got so had at one point that whenever people asked me my sign and 1 answered, “Scorpio,” a look of horror would seep in from behind their eyes. From that moment on, they treated me with great deference, as though I were a hungry boa constrictor. “A Scorpio?” they would whisper reverently. Now, when people ask my sign, I say, “I am an inoffensive Scorpio.”

Because Scorpios have the reputation for being ultrasexy, I have also noticed that sexually insecure folks sometimes pipe up with “I have Scorpio rising” when they announce their astrological sign. It sounds so terrific to be a Scorpio. But let me tell you that just because Scorpios are sexy doesn’t mean they have more fun. Imagine all the tight spots being sexy gets you into. Think of all the people who end up hating or being hated by you. Try to conjure the responsibility of having to fulfill the sexbombshell image of Scorpio when you have a headache. Being a Scorpio is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s a lot of hard work.

Scorpions are definitely vengeful. And they are domineering and self-centered and, well, colorful, Scorpions like to see inside other people’s heads and then see how they can direct that person’s life. Scorpios are self-confident to a fault. They love the occult and crave mystery and intrigue. They are determined and impulsive.

Frankly, I think Scorpios are adorable. But I concede it’s a matter of opinion.


Libra 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Libra is the seventh sign of the occidental zodiac.
Libra have the following characteristics:
Libra sins may include:
Have you ever met a person who seems to find everything horrid wonderful and everything wonderful horrid? Have you ever known anyone who finds hidden beauty and grace in people you wouldn’t want to take the bus with? Do you know a person who always invariably and constantly alters his or her viewpoint to suit the moment?

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” you probably know a Libran. Faced with conflict. Libra never exhibits cowardice. Nor does Libra charge ahead willy-nilly with guns blazing. Instead, Libra attempts to establish negotiations. Libra wants to settle things amicably. Consider first one side, then the other. Libra says, “Don’t be too quick to judge people on their face value. Give it time.” In fact, by the time Libra has finished flitting from one side of the argument to the other and back forty billion times, the war is very often over.

Libra knows that life is loaded with undercurrents of evil and mined with trouble spots. But the Libran attitude is “Why look for the bad things? Why consider the evil and wretched side of life? Let’s put up another watercolor or run out and buy ourselves a lovely new negligee. You’11 see. We’ll all feel much, much better.”

Librans themselves always try to remain on an even keel. They soothe the illtempered and cause raging rivers of dissension to flatten out and run smoothly. By means of their good humor and fine sense of what is pleasurable, Librans urge us gently along toward human understanding, beauty and righteousness.

Yet, Librans are capable of being annoyingly argumentative It seems out of character, but there it is. Sometimes the gentle, diplomat needles others. He doesn’t want to win arguments. Just wants to find out what you’re thinking. Head him off at the pass.

Caress the picky Libra’s forehead with dollars soaked in Givrey Chambertin. Librans love luxe. They surround themselves with prettiness and seem to require a comfortable, well-designed frame in which to picture themselves happy. Because of this excessive desire for “the finer things,” Librans, if they are sufficiently well looked after, might grow lazy. Perhaps it is unjust to say this as Librans are capable of hard work and tend to be serious about it. But in an ambience of charm and gentility, the Libran revels. In rustic or sparse surroundings the Libran feels cold and longs to return to the land of fashion and folderol.

I have always felt that Librans talked too much. This opinion may be misguided. But still, I do find when I meet Librans for the first time that they have this annoying tendency to over-relate, to recount their life stories and all the details complete with sufferings and losses, injustices and wrongdoings, fears and doubts in Technicolor and Cinemascope. What I want to say to them is “Hey, maybe I don’t want to know about every hard-boiled egg you ever ate.” Hardly the strong silent type, Libra is placid (except when in a steaming rage) but blabby.

Libras are not in a hurry, nor do they think other people ought to be. My Libra mother asked me once, “Why do you wash the dishes so fast?” I answered tersely, “Because I hate washing the dishes.” “Oh,” she said, with a pretty smile out of which I expected to see a flower grow. “I see.” She didn’t see at all. But to keep the peace.


Virgo 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Virgo is the sixth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Virgo have the following characteristics:
Virgo sins may include:
Show me the upstanding citizen whose “rightness” and probity put every other sign to shame and I will show you a Virgo. No other sign of the occidental horoscope system (except at times the Capricorn) has such a well-developed sense of what is proper and meet in any situation. The Virgo is clear-thinking and almost never misses the mark.

Virgo is logical, analytical and keeps a cool head. Virgos are not cold hearted or indifferent. They are loving and even slightly grasping about their love objects.

Virgos are both sensual and gentle people. But what is so peculiar to Virgos is their ability to penetrate the fog of subjective thinking that surrounds emotion-laden situations. Run up to a Virgo and cry, “My house is ablaze! My children are inside! Help! Do something!” The Virgo: “Where do you keep your ladder?” Practical and down-to-earth, the Virgo can be looked to by almost any of the rest of us hysterics to keep calm and do the right thing.

Because Virgo people are methodical, they enjoy living in organized and pleasantly decorated surroundings. They are concerned with precision and enjoy keeping order. Meticulous to a fault, Virgo has to struggle to accept untidiness. Virgo eschews mess. Often people in high positions in industry turn out to be born under the sign of Virgo.

In power, however, Virgos sometimes have trouble getting along with their coworkers. They have difficulty communicating their displeasure without being biting and critical. If a Virgo boss thinks John acted badly at the office party, he may call him on the carpet, saying something like “John, you acted like a perfect idiot last Friday night. This behavior of yours is pathological. You had seventeen Scotches.”

Diplomatic, Virgos are not. But their ability to analyze complex situations is at the least astute.

Virgos are gifted for art appreciation and are very often creative. They have good taste and know how to judge fine quality. Often Virgos have collections of delicate antiques or precision instruments. They know how to take care of things and can be trusted to return borrowed items.

In the shortcoming department, Virgos may like to gamble, try drugs or dabble in the seamier sides of life. Virgos can become addicts and near-residents of casinos. Drugs have a sedative effect on them. A desire to alter Virgo’s rigid consciousness? A need to vacate? La nostalgie de la boue? Whatever. Virgos must be on guard against self destructive tendencies.

Virgos can be terrible snobs. For some reason, Virgos often think themselves separate and not-so-equal beings in relation to the rest of the world. They like to have “important” friends and tend to stick up their noses at “trashy” people. Perhaps, as Virgos are so orderly, anybody slightly less exacting seems beneath them. In any case, I always feel that Virgos need a good tickle. They are a bit on the stiff side and could stand to have a turquoise popsicle melted over their heads.


Leo 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Leo is the fifth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Leo have the following characteristics:
Leo sins may include:
The Leo subject, like the king of the jungle, is all power and innate substance. No Leo lacks for bravery or courage. Leos are willful and belong to the sign that most characterizes ego and self-esteem. The Leo person is determined and able. He will always find a bevy of loyal subjects who adore and adulate him. In the role of guide and pontiff of their lives, Leo can be both severe and indulgent.

Most Leo people look a little like lions. Often they have huge lovely manes of thick curly hair and their manner of standing or sitting shows self-assurance and dignity.

Lions are regal. Sometimes they appear overly confident and even arrogant. Lions are also identifiable by their sunny, superior demeanor.

Leo people are generous with both their fortunes and their affection. Because of their innate superiority, they feel they can afford to be giving. You can practically always count on Leo friends for their aid in times of need. Not only does it come naturally for them to bestow good turns on friends, but with each favor Leo enjoys gaining advantage and is not above taking an “I told you so” attitude.

Leos enjoy being surrounded. They often come visiting with an entourage. The sense of family is very strong in their lives. Leos love to entertain and even to “hold court” with guests who will laugh at their jokes and nod at their outlandish declarations.

You won’t find Leos in snap jobs. Find Leo a citadel to conquer, a cause to embrace or a worthy enemy to track and destroy and the Leo subject will be content. Leo is a conqueror. Triumph is his middle name, failure his mortal foe.

Nothing inspires more pity than a downtrodden or beaten Leo. Defeat doesn’t sit well with Leo, gives him indigestion and depresses him. I know Leos who are forever telling me how they got wounded in this or that professional or romantic situation because their adversary was wily or cunning and did not operate out of strength alone. Subtlety is not the Leo’s strong suit.

Leos are spendthrifts. Money, come by without too much struggle by the prodigious lion, eats away at the bottoms of Leo’s pockets. Then, when he’s spent it all on what he deemed so “important and essential,” Leo complains bitterly. “Where is my money? My lovely money.” Thing is, Leo is serious about family matters and also about business responsibilities. He hates to be in debt and hastens to pay off in full whomever he owes, sometimes to the detriment of his cash flow.

Leos are extremely vain people. It isn’t surprising, then, that extramarital affairs tend to creep into their lives. Leos have energy and tenderness to bum. If they are not sufficiently adored and worshiped at home, Leos might just go looking elsewhere, Leo friends are an asset to anyone’s life. Their innate sense of pre-eminence is comforting. To please Leos, tell them that they are fantastic and magnificent. And remember that with all his apparent panache and pride, Leo was once just a kitten.


Cancer 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Cancer is the fourth sign of the occidental zodiac.
Cancer have the following characteristics:
Cancer sins may include:

Emotion is the pitfall of Cancer people. As changeable as their ruler, the Moon, these subjects may shift in minutes from stable, normal, “happy” individuals into victims of deep navy blue feelings of gloom and doom. There’s a quality of charming despair in Cancerian moodiness which can not only break hearts, but can sometimes actually win them.

Cancers make fabulous partners for home-loving people. The Cancer’s nest is where he feels safest and at his most secure. As security is the main preoccupation of most Cancers, a good home with comfy furnishings, a few kids and dogs and a built-in wall safe is about the best thing that can happen to them. In this atmosphere of cushions and curtains Cancer thrives. For the Cancer subject, home is love is home is love, etc.

Cancers are good at making money; they hold executive positions and assume responsibilities with aplomb. You will rarely find a poor-but-happy Cancer. Cancerians very seldom decide to throw it all up and become a hippie or a freelance bohemian. They don’t necessarily like the system or the constraints it places on them, but of all the signs of the Occidental zodiac, Cancers are the most capable of placing nose to dull old grindstone and keeping it there. The Cancer wants comfort for himself, but he also enjoys providing for his family in a generous way Cancers are traditionalists. Where you might have hung a supremely abstract painting over your mantelpiece, the Cancer will have put portraits of his dour-looking grandparents, which he dug out of the attic because nobody else wanted them. They will surely be framed in antique frames and will hold the place or honor in Cancer’s heart. Cancer prefers antiques to formica and longs for his son or daughter to become a doctor, a lawyer or a sure-fire accountant.

If you have a Cancer for a friend, you know what loyalty and devotion mean. Cancer people usually make their friends young and keep them for life. And, as Cancers are fairly intransigent, they are easily hurt if the friends in question do not return their devotion. They will forgive. But Cancers never forget.

If someone asked me to describe the worst aspect of Cancer subjects, I would not say “moods” or “grabbiness.” Instead I would have to speak of the Cancer’s tendency to hypersensitivity. Cancer is easily offended and susceptible to criticism the way sixyear-olds are susceptible to chicken pox. A tiny word of criticism can bring on one of Cancer’s legendary moods and the criticizer may go on the black list for quite a long time.

Cancers are jealous too. They own the people they live with and are possessive to a fault about their loved ones. They are not, however, tyrannical about this weakness. The idea is not “I bought you and therefore I own you.” No. It’s more like “I love you so much and care so profoundly that I cannot believe you dared be attracted to that other (less serious) person.” Cancer is also easily hurt by cutting remarks. In love, Cancer gives his all. It’s impossible for him to understand someone who doles out their love in tiny eye-dropper doses.


Gemini 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Gemini is the third sign of the occidental zodiac.
Gemini have the following characteristics:
Gemini sins may include:

Gemini people are brought to you by the famous ruling planet Mercury. In astrology, Mercury represents the intellect, the mind, perception. Nobody thinks more quickly or perceives more rapidly than the Gemini. Endowed with an uncanny ability to relate to others, the Gemini person is always “on”.

Geminis are active in the extreme. They love a joke and enjoy silliness. Ordinarily, Geminis want to he smack in the center of all the folly there is to be had. Geminis are always at home performing skits or dancing on the tables or recounting their latest monologue. Born actors and actresses, Geminis may not always invent their own stories, but they sure know how to tell them. Because theirs is a twin sign, many Geminis suffer from the inability to make life altering decisions and stick to them. They are so open to change and so adore newness that sometimes they get distracted and won’t stick to routine long enough to succeed.

What every Gemini needs is a strong-minded parent or mate to literally force him to complete projects before going on to other ones. As the Gemini is usually attractive and exudes a special form of magnetism, he is not infrequently drawn to politics. As a candidate, with his eloquence and that tinge of childlike charm, he can hardly miss—that is, if he can decide which political party he belongs to and whether or not he will care enough to adhere to its tenets tomorrow.

I suppose the word is restless. Geminis have difficulty sitting still. They need change and are impatient with stodgy people who never appear to vacillate. Trouble is, the stodges are very often those who have succeeded through perseverance. The Gemini is not perseverant. He doesn’t need to belong to any group where rules and ideals are imposed and clung to. He hankers after the luxury of change and wants the independence to say “Ciao!” to anyone who threatens to tie him down. Gemini is not a loner. He needs people. But not dull people.

Emotionally, too, Gemini is a performer. On certain mornings he is a moody Hamlet and by afternoon he’s an optimistic Ulysses forging through the high seas on his way to literary stardom. Whatever he does, he’s bound to be the star of the show. When the evening comes around and the lights go up, he may stun you with his seriousness, his ability to interpret lines, to touch your most sensitive heartstring and raise goose bumps with his eloquence. Next time you see him, Gemini may be worried, lost. Frightened. The magic of emotion—all emotion—lives very close to Gemini’s sparkling surface.

Because they are so adaptable, Geminis are extremely versatile. They can excel at almost any career as long as it offers a chance to perform— anything from a top drawer brain surgeon to an operatic garbage man.


Taurus 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Taurus is the second sign of the occidental zodiac.
Taurus have the following characteristics:
Taurus sins may include:
Taureans never slap or sting. Rather, they creep up on you, affect you deeply and leave their indelible impression on your soul. Think of Taurus as a long sensual kiss.

A huge tender bear hug. Or an eiderdown on a cold alpine night. Taureans are warm (but sometimes stodgy) customers. Taurus people make excellent executives. They love money and enjoy earning piles of it. When a Taurus person gets rich, he hangs on to his money, investing it in sound stocks and bonds, building solid houses, and even storing gold sovereigns in a mattress. The key word here is substantial. Taureans do not have confidence in lightheadedness. Frivolity doesn’t come naturally to them.

Many Taureans work with their hands. Even if a Taurus is a computer expert and seems more cerebral than manual, nine times out of ten there is a hidden craft or hobby lurking behind the scenes. Taureans enjoy forging beautiful things from natural materials. In fact, they are attracted to all sorts of beauty. Music thrills them. Flowers enchant them. The countryside seduces them. And art is their natural habitat. Taureans are forever building their own workshops and renovating barns and old churches. They are not only home-loving, they like to get their hands into the cement and slather on the plaster, if only for the tangible joy of playing in the mud.

Taureans do not take kindly to sudden change. They like to be wherever they are supposed to be when it is time to be there. Taureans readily adjust to routine and for that reason make fabulous employees. Precipitous and unexpected events requiring flexibility and resilience may cause Taureans to dig in their hooves and refuse to budge. Bulls are obstinate and determined to hold their ground. It is wiser not to try to talk Taurus out of a sulk. Just let him paw the earth and snort and seethe on his own.

Take a tranquilizer and a walk. Soon, when the inevitable becomes blatantly inevitable, Taurus will budge of his own accord, come out of his sulk and go with the flow.

Sensuality belongs to Taurus. Wherever there is pleasure you will find a Taurean plunk in the middle of it all. They love to bask in the “good life.” Taureans cannot resist the tug of the opposite sex. When an attractive newcomer arrives on the scene, count on Taurus to see to it that the outsiders have a drink, are made comfortable and have slipped Taurus a telephone number or two.

Taureans are amorous and romantic without being flighty or maudlin. They are tender and don’t mind public displays of affection. Love and all of its expressions appeal to the Bull. Taureans can be counted on to stray a bit where sex is concerned, but they never flaunt their infidelities and usually avoid sticky extracurricular entanglements.

If you love a Taurus, feed him.


Aries 2011 Yearly Horoscope Prediction
Aries is the first sign of the occidental zodiac.
Aries have the following characteristics:
Aries sins may include:

Aries is the first of the twelve Western zodiacal signs. And although it comes first, it is often thought of as the baby of the family. Aries respond to stimuli in an impulsive and headstrong manner. The complexities of cunning, deceit and duplicity don’t appeal to Aries. The Aries person likes to operate out of righteousness (self- and the other kind), wherein he feels safe. The danger is that he can also feel a mite too complacent.

It’s a sorry day indeed when Aries finds out that her “best friend” at work has wangled the promotion she herself has been drudgingly seeking through the conventional channels: filling in endless forms, waiting for the snooty personnel manager to give her an interview and hanging on every ring of the intercom in the hope that it will be good news. “Janet’s been promoted,” announces Aries’ nearest neighbor. “Isn’t that fabulous?”

The bad news really flummoxes Aries. She feels like crying. Why didn’t Janet tell her she wanted the job? Why hadn’t she noticed Janet’s seductive new wardrobe? Of course that was why Janet had been putting in so much zealous overtime lately, Aries chews at a hangnail and worries, “How could I be so stupid?” Don’t fret, Aries, you are far from dumb. But you are sometimes blindly naive. Because you have no ulterior motives of your own and like to be “up front” about your personal wants and needs, other people’s machinations baffle you.

Take my advice. Put your forthrightness in your back pocket and sit on it once in a while. Sometimes life is just plain not fair. Be on your guard. Check out subtleties while they’re happening. Head disappointment off at the pass. Don’t wait until the bad movie is over and the plot has thickened to a clot.

Talent is awarded all Aries at birth. If developed at an early age Aries’ talents in artistic fields may lead them to solid careers in music, graphic arts or artisanry. The Aries youngster may spend hours practicing alone in a room just to perfect a single musical phrase. Believe me, this kid is not worried about peer pressure or popularity—everybody likes Aries children anyway. They inspire confidence and are pleasant to be around. The child practicing his Mozart is probably president of his class as well as concertmaster of the school orchestra and head of the scenery committee for the senior play. Busy, busy, busy Aries never stops. “Achieve and go on to achieve again” is Aries’ unshakable motto.

As a result of Aries’ sound sense of self, he prefers not to be told what to do. Aries is a natural leader and often the most creative thinker in a given group. Originality is his byword. Confront Aries with chaos and he will leap right in and begin putting things to rights. Aries is not afraid to delegate authority and makes a fair and just effort in the exercise of power. Aries are not easily swayed by others. Although they are naive, they are also both stubborn and egocentric.

Aries people are blurters. Again, their childlike earnestness prompts them. Aries is the dinner guest who points out the hair in the soup before it leaves the kitchen. Aries mean no harm. They can usually be trained by about age fifty to turn their tongues around twice before babbling untoward truths.

So Aries has the character of a feisty youngster. He seeks recognition in positive and assertive ways. He does not shrink in the face of conflict. Nor does Aries take a back seat gracefully. If Aries were offered a part in a film about cowboys, he would invariably want to play the U.S. marshal in the white Stetson on the white horse. Aries is an incurable good guy.


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